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Thread: Nepenthes Greenhouse

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    Thanks! It is a really hardy plant from EP. Keeps some lid hairs from Ephippiata but has more size and a peristome that turns golden over time like Veitchii.
    Have a wonderful day!
    - Zcons

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    Loving all the pictures and the beautiful Neps!

    I like to tell people that my favorite CP is a Nepenthes. But that is like saying my favorite part of science is the Periodic Table and then confessing I only really know 12 elements....

    Watching all your guys' replies on this thread has been intimidating! Casually throwing out specific knowledge and even RECOGNITION of some of those hybrid Neps and their parentage is truly inspiring! I need to go to Nepenthes school and learn all the varieties and parent plants so I can join in on the fun in a thread like this someday!

    15 years later and still a newb to several parts of the Carnivorous Plant world!

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