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Thread: Potting medium question

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    Potting medium question

    I've had my first Nep for around 9 months now, and it's beginning to get too big for it's pot. It came potted when I bought it, so I've not had to deal with potting it up yet. While researching potting mediums, I got wondering whether pure live sphagnum could work, but I haven't seen people using it (except as a topping), and I'm assuming there's a reason why. Would it be too damp? Not airy enough? Dry out too fast? I already have the moss pictured below, so I'm thinking if not using the moss alone, maybe adding perlite could make it work.

    Potting medium question-untitled-1-jpg

    Cheers for helping me not murder my plant

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    yes Nepenthes can be grown in pure live sphagnum moss, just be sure not to pack it too tightly into the pot or the roots my not be able to breathe. also could add chunky perlite, orchid bark or coco husk to assure aeration
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