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Another picture.

The color seems to have more rajah in it now, so who knows, maybe it is a rajah x veitchii after all. At least that is what I purchased it as.

If it is, it is a very easy grower but won't pitcher in dry weather (humidity got 20% in the winter this time, and it was away from the misters). Good news is it immediately started inflating a pitcher once it rose to 40% or so. Without any fuss. Happily taken summer temperatures here - daytime can go up to 38C or daily in the summer here. Can't comment on cold, because what passes for cold in our climate is called "cool daytime temps" by most growers in US/Europe. Maybe a month or two with nights going below 20C.

Slows a bit in peak summer, but that is about it. Definitely not come close to dying at any point.

I think it would prefer more cool and humid conditions than I give it and would probably grow forever after and not look back at all.
from the pics i agree with the other, it more rob or veitchii than rajah.