That is the general idea, @hcarlton - I read about "micro climate" somewhere and it made a lot of sense. I can't change my climate, but I can make the area the plants are in more humid and somewhat cooler. Evaporative cooling seems to fit the bill on both fronts. The misting is more for the air than the plants. It is frequent, but the duration is very brief. The "5 seconds" too isn't really 5 seconds, since the pump takes about a second or two build pressure to get the misters started. More like giving a couple of spritz in the air, except in a LOT of places at once. The window is open day and night (so I can stare at my plants all the time ) and mist blows into the home as well and it is pleasant. I'm using my laptop right here on my bed, 2ft from the window with direct mist coming in with no risk. There are papers here, no harm. Plants in the balcony will get a few wet leaves, but never really "drenched" "dripping" kind. Best cooling is achieved with all the water evaporating at the fastest rate it can. Water that stays there doesn't cool as much. For the plants I imagine it feels more like growing shaded and getting a spray of rain every so often.

The microclimate thing also works good with numbers. The more plants there are in the balcony, the happier they look. The more sparse the balcony is, the harder it is to grow them well. I suppose the sheer mass of cooled plants together retains the cool a bit better or more correctly, re-heat up slower.

Downside of the misting system is that I now have a few close friends who prefer to socialize in my bedroom than the living room, to enjoy the mist. My mom has developed a habit of coming and staring at the plants to enjoy the misters. lol.

Apparently it works for people in hot climates too.