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Thread: Growing intermediate/highland plants HOT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vidyut View Post
    This nepenthes sibuyanensis seedling sent a tendril that managed to lift a single strand of sphagnum it tried to hide under to make its pitcher. lol.

    Another seedling was not as shy. The pitcher was in the depression next to it. I lifted it out to click photo.

    The blackened pitcher had come with the plant. It was sort of squashed and hung around for a while before dying.

    I'm planning to click photos and update daily or every few days to keep myself encouraged.
    Your photos appear to us as broken links - no images.

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    Dang. Let me figure out uploading. I was tweeting the photos and using links to the images to embed here. Clearly I see them because I'm logged in or something :/

    For now, the photos are attached to this tweet
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