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Thread: My UHL Setup (In Progress)

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    glad to see, we all want healthy plants and help when things go wrong!
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    Hey @Leafgeek, wondering how this is going for you and the plants? Did you switch to a more temp controlled setup or is it still just cycling on and off?

    I'm trying to find ways to get more HL-ish temps in a small space living in a subtropical climate (i.e. swamp coolers will not be effective for me either) and yours is the most recent wine fridge setup I could find as an example. You mentioned not wanting to cut into the top for the lights, and that is my biggest concern as well. It's a bit hard for me to grasp based on the pics, so I was also curious how did you get the wiring for the lights and fan out, just a smaller hole?

    My other option is a chest freezer, but I'm worried about frozen plants if something malfunctions (and it wouldn't be as easy to view them). Thanks for any guidance!
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    Looks great. Just a word of warning on the digital thermometer/hydrometer. They don’t like getting their internals wet My UHL Setup (In Progress). I killed the one I have just like yours.

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