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Thread: My UHL Setup (In Progress)

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    glad to see, we all want healthy plants and help when things go wrong!
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    Hey @Leafgeek, wondering how this is going for you and the plants? Did you switch to a more temp controlled setup or is it still just cycling on and off?

    I'm trying to find ways to get more HL-ish temps in a small space living in a subtropical climate (i.e. swamp coolers will not be effective for me either) and yours is the most recent wine fridge setup I could find as an example. You mentioned not wanting to cut into the top for the lights, and that is my biggest concern as well. It's a bit hard for me to grasp based on the pics, so I was also curious how did you get the wiring for the lights and fan out, just a smaller hole?

    My other option is a chest freezer, but I'm worried about frozen plants if something malfunctions (and it wouldn't be as easy to view them). Thanks for any guidance!
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    Looks great. Just a word of warning on the digital thermometer/hydrometer. They donít like getting their internals wet My UHL Setup (In Progress). I killed the one I have just like yours.

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    @jpappy789 I have left the cooler on a timer for now and the plants seem to be doing OK. To stabilize the humidity a little I've made a sphagnum wall in the back next to the cooling coils that sits in a water tray to keep the dehumidification away from the plants themselves. Temperatures have been pretty consistent, and it's mainly the humidity fluctuations that concern me the most at this point.

    The wires I have for the leds and fans are just placed through the top of the door for now. It doesn't look so bad and gives a little fresh air exchange through the crack in the door. Good luck with your setup and let me know if you have any node questions I can help with!

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