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Thrips and mites are pests that feed on your plants. Thrips are generally very small, and shaped sort of like a grain of rice. I'd say they're mostly between half and 1 mm in length. Mites are generally too small to see with your eye. Both of these pests will cause warped leaves and pitchering to stop. As soon as you see wrinkled or burnt looking leaves an infestation of these is possible and you should apply pesticide. If not, then the insects you see probably are not thrips.
Thanks Grey Moss! Ive seen neem oil mentioned. Is there a sticky or tutorial on pesticides that have proven well and how to use them? I have a ventrata that had some leaf wrinkling but is throwing tons of pitchers and seems to be doing better than when I got it. Id like to use more natural remedies then chemical ones if possible. Also things safe for people and pets.

Will post a pic of the leaves tomorrow.

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