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Thread: MaxSea acid formula?

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    MaxSea acid formula?

    Is there a particular reason, when people discuss the use of MaxSea for fertilizing, people never use the acid formula? I understand that not all species appreciate any more acidity, than their media provides, such as N.northiana, but with species that grow in swampy conditions, like N.ampullaria, and N.bicalcarata, wouldnít the acid formula at least be safe, of not desirable?
    Iíve just used a very dilute amount and gently spritzed my seedlings, not drenching the potting mix, and Iíll note any issues. I used a 32oz sprayer and less than an 1/8th tsp of fertilizer. Water is RO/rain, less than 25ppm and potting mix is peat moss, coco husk chips, vermiculite, LFS, and perlite.
    The plants have been growing in filtered light on my west facing, screened in pool area. Iím in SW Florida, with currently ideal temps and humidity, but January and February, Iíll have to watch for cold nights.

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    NPK is also technically different than the all-purpose formula too, but not by much, so probably not a reason. So based on their MSDS, the main difference I can tell is that the acid formula has MgSO4 and ammonium sulfate. While elemental sulfur is a common soil additive to lower pH, it's already oxidized as MgSO4 and wont form additional acidity. Adding additional ammonium can theoretically acidify soil too when it's oxidized, but what's just as likely's likely to happen is the plant uses most of the nutrients added (particularly in a wetter environment when ammonium oxidation is suppressed). Maybe in airier Nep media it would have an effect, but the swampy Neps can appreciate wetter feet so that would counteract the acid production.

    Honestly, if you're using an organic/peaty media, it's probably plenty acidic already.
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