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Thread: New to Nepenthes in the cold Northwest

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    New to Nepenthes in the cold Northwest

    So I recently got a nepenthes hybrid (is what the container says) I've kept it in its pot but I placed it in a glass bowl and covered the top with Saran wrap leaving a hole opens for some air flow I've been regularly misting it so that the humidity stays up in the bowl but I'm worried about the temperature. I'm using an LED grow light so it's not really getting any heat that way. I've looked at under tank heating pads for reptiles and the little stick on heating pads. I'm not sure what to use or if there's any alternate options.

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of carnivorous plants! I would suggest that you do a search here at Terra Forums for general growing conditions for easy to grow Nepenthes species. I would also suggest you find a copy of Peter D'Amato's Savage Garden. You will have many questions right now and a good overall outline of what is needed to be successful growing this genus will be a big help. Your plant will probably be from one of the easier to grow species or hybrids as these are generally the most available. Also a general web search will probably net you some good information.
    - Mark

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    I live in the south Seattle area and there are some that grow well on windowsill. What kind do you have ?

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    You'll find unless you're growing a plant that was used to high humidity in its previous location, or a species that absolutely requires it (that doesn't cover most of the common ones found in garden centers etc.), humidity isn't really a concern or it can be acclimated to your local conditions. Misting in an open environment does more to temperature shock the plant than much anything else, and almost any Nepenthes will quickly outgrow any container smaller than a mini greenhouse. So long as your house isn't dropping below the 50's F temperature probably isn't much concern for the common ones either, but lighting will be. The more given, the better.
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    Welcome, I'd echo what the others are saying. Enhanced humidity is almost never needed for the nepenthes commonly bought by beginners. An overly wet and stagnant location, like a bowl with some plastic wrap over it will be more harmful than helpful. It encourages rot in the plant. I'd take the plant out and just leave it on your windowsill as long as there is several hours of direct sun there. Additional heating is also not needed. Beginner nepenthes are fine in the range of temperatures people tend to keep their houses at.

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