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Thread: Nepenthes T5 Lighting

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    Nepenthes T5 Lighting

    Hi everyone, Iím fairly new to nepenthes and am trying my best to learn as I go. Iím growing some Ventratas, a Suki, a Miranda, and a Bill Bailey, all beginner plants. My ongoing issue is lighting. I grow indoors because humidity and temperature in my area is not ideal. Iím struggling to find an adequate light for my plants. I first started with a 600w full spectrum led light designed for cannabis which was 30 inches above my plants and was way too intense turning all my plants red. I returned that light and got an 86 watt 3000 kelvin led. Itís at 24 inches above the plants but is not ideal because itís rather small and Iíd rather have a higher kelvin such as 6,500k or 5,000k. I have a timer set for 14 hours a day. Most people on this forum recommend T5s. Iím planning on buying a 2ft T5 fixture for my setup. I was looking at a 2ft Hydrofarm designer T5 or an Agrobrite T5 on Amazon. My question is wether to get the 2 bulb or the 4 bulb model. The 2 bulb puts out 48 watts and 4,000 lumens while the 4 bulb is 96 watts and 8,000 lumens. I can hang the light as high as 30 inches. So what should I get? Will the 2 bulb be enough light? Will the 4 bulb be too intense? Iím frustrated and donít want to keep buying and returning lights, I really want to find one that will work for my setup. Thanks very much for you feedback!

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    I would get the four bulb model. You can always run two lights if you find it's too much or adjust the height. Another benefit of the four bulb model is that you can swap out bulbs for the colors you want. Some bulbs encourage flowering while other encourage green growth.

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    If you're going to use T5's forgo bulbs and fixtures marketed specifically towards growing. There is no real difference between those and a regular household fixture while there is a very significant price difference.

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