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Thread: Liua's nepenthes

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    Liua's nepenthes

    I don't have a lot of neps, but here are some of their pictures:
    Liua's nepenthes-nepenthes-alata-jpg
    nepenthes alata "boschiana mimic" (or graciliflora)
    Liua's nepenthes-nepenthes-rafflesiana-jpg
    nepenthes rafflesiana "kuching squat red"
    I just got this rafflesiana, but this is probably my favorite plant now. I love the red color and the spots on this plant.
    Liua's nepenthes-nepenthes-lowii-campanulata-jpg
    nepenthes lowii x campanulata
    I think this one is supposed to have red pitchers, but recently it has been raining a lot and maybe that is the reason why it's not coloring up?
    Liua's nepenthes-nepenthes-glandulifera-boschiana-campanulata-jpg
    nepenthes (glandulifera x boschiana) x campanulata
    A cross made by a local grower. This plant seems to stay small like campy.
    Liua's nepenthes-nepenthes-maxima-boschiana-truncata-jpg
    Liua's nepenthes-nepenthes-maxima-boschiana-truncata-fresh-jpg
    Nepenthes (maxima x boschiana) x truncata. New pitcher and the same one after about two weeks,
    Liua's nepenthes-shot-jpg
    all of them together.

    And that is about all the nepenthes I have. I have two more that currently are pitcherless though.
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    That kuching red is very nice. Raff and all its variations are great nepenthes.

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    Liua's nepenthes-nepenthe-ampullaria-basal-jpg
    Recently repotted my ampullaria which seems like its producing basal shoots now. No pitchers even though right now its summer where I live.
    Liua's nepenthes-lowii-campy-si-jpg
    In february, this plant got an infection that killed the main growth point. Now this one is slowly recovering, which is nice.

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