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Thread: Will this work?

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    Will this work?

    So today I did something really stupid. I accidentally broke the pitcher off from the tendril. I wanted to move the neps around my balcony so that they get more sunlight, and as i was moving them around, this raff got stuck on something. I thought maybe the pot was stuck on something, so I pulled harder, and it was actually stuck on another pitcher on my lowii x campanulata (what I find funny was that I accidentally snapped the tendril of this plant before, but the pitcher didn't fall out). Thankfully, the lowii x campy wan't hurt, but the pitcher of the raff broke. So I tried to tape the pitcher back on like this
    Will this work?-whoops-jpg
    Hopefully this works!
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    If the tendril breaks the pitcher isn't going to stick around. It looks like it's on the way out anyway.
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