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Thread: Browning Pitchers, Help?

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    Browning Pitchers, Help?

    Hey All!
    I've attached a pitcher of one of my carnivorous friends and its browning pitchers. I was wondering why they are doing this, and what I can do to stop it? I've heard that sometimes moving to a lower humidity environment can do this kind of thing, so I've been running a humidifier under it for at least a few hours a day. They're such lovely pitchers and I'd hate to lose them if it's preventable.
    As you can see, the rest of the plant is doing well! It's putting out new growth up top and is just so green!
    Browning Pitchers, Help?-20201123_164047-jpg
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    Unless you are maintaining higher humidity all the time, a temporarily running humidifier is not going to help. Old pitchers die off, especially on new plants, so this is normal, and if you want new pitchers give it more light and time to acclimate.
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