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Thread: Cold water watering

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    i have lowii, rajah, & khasiana with there pots sitting in water. i water both of them from the bottom and keep the l/f moss moist. mist from the top and let them draw water from the bottom.
    only a small clay dish with maybe 1/4" of water up the side of the pot. not drenching to cause root rot
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    I really don't think that this is an issue as long as you don't water your plants with
    overly cold ( < 15 C) or overly hot ( > 30 C) water, provided everything else is OK.
    However, be careful about watering lowland plants with cold water. I once made the
    mistake of accidentally watering N. bicalcarata with water that was about 10 C, and
    it went into shock. It recovered alright, but some of the leaves near the base of the
    plant turned yellow....

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    Yes, I keep the water jugs in warm locations to avoid putting cool water on the lowlanders. It's never warmer than about 85* usually 75*. I was just thinking cool/cold water might be something they'd be happier with. perhpas I'll just let a jug stay off the fridge and find it's own temp and use that for the highlanders.

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