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Thread: Metal halide wiring

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    I've purchased some heavy power cord which matches the cord coming from the ballast (I needed a longer wire to run from the ballast to the socket cos the new terrarium is so large the 5 ft cord was useless). The new cord matches in every way (600volts, water resistant etc) except instead of being 18 gauge this new cord is 10 gauge.
    Before I accidentally start up Dr. Frankensteins lab will I have any fire problems by attaching this new cord (which is the same except it's just thicker)? I'm using 600V rated wire connectors to connect the two.

    Thanks for any thoughts!

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    The fact that it's thicker just makes it safer, and incidentally will mean less wear and tear on the ballast. There's a formula which I can never remember, but you're fine.

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    at 10 to 15 ft in length the change in resistance is infitesimal so it won't have much of an effect on ballast wear but it is less likely to start a fire. Not that there was much of a chance in the first place.

    have fun wiring swords, remeber to make the best connections possible with the proper connectors, you're a million time more likely to start a fire at a connector than in a properly rated cord (which you have)
    By the way do you have any extra 250 watt systems?

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