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Thread: Nepenthes from indochina

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    Hi everybody,
    Indochina is an old term that indicates the Countries of Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

    From my previous messages, maybe you realized that I'm quite interested in the Nepenthes species coming from that area.

    That's because not many things are known about them. That means that many people probably made identification mistakes with the plants they saw or they grew from those areas in the past. But that also means that many new things could be better understood and discovered in the future.

    Which N. species have been ever found in Indochina? From which countries exactly? When and by whom? What they look like?

    If you can help or have any link to send me to help my researches, I'd be very grateful...

    Marcello Catalano

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    N. kampotiana is endemic to Viet Nam

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