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Thread: Inorganic Substrate

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    I discovered an article in the June 2000 issue of the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, CPN. It presents and advocates a new growing medium for all Nepenthes. It contains absolutely no organic material, so it has several advantages and a couple of disadvantages. If you don't have the CPN issue, you can still read it (sans photos) at:
    Just click on the second article, by Heiko Rischer.

    Nepenthes, like orchids, can be grown in or on practically anything if you accordingly adjust the way you cultivate them. I'm definitely no Nepenthes expert, but I am going to try growing my Nepenthes this way, if it matters to you.
    Barry Meyers-Rice also wrote a blurb on this at:

    I also don't know where to obtain Seramis and Lecaton clay pellets, but I'm sure they're available somewhere online, inexpensively. Water Lily baskets are also available online.

    And I need to ask, has anyone here ever grown Nepenthes in a completely inorganic substrate? I suppose pure vermiculite counts, but I'm not interested. I know many people (esp. in Europe) grow various plants in inorganic media (the practice is commonly called hydroculture), but not Nepenthes.

    Questions and comments are welcome, because that's why I've started this thread.

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    Awesome information! I would like to know where to obtain these pellets also. This would cetainly let our bogs come back to life! And this would cetainly save me a few dollars! I wold try it immediatly with an easy species (N.Gracilis,Ventricosa,etc.) if I knew where to obtain these pellets!

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    The various fired clay pellets are probably available from hydroponics companys online.

    My thoughts on totally inorganic potting media:

    If you use very pure water you need to suppliment the water with a quality hydroponic fertilizer (in very dilute amounts).
    You still need to repot every 2-3 years since the build up of salts is inevitable.
    A tray of a dozen plants will weigh about 50 lbs (ok maybe slight exageration.. but inorganic media is HEAVY).
    The clay pellets and other things used in inorganic media mixes although is not very expensive.. the shipping is.

    On the plus side
    Root zone pathogens and insects should be less of a problem.
    Root rot from media decomposition by overwatering or not frequent enough repotting is eliminated.

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    Heiko grows his Nepenthes under extremly humid conditions (100%) so this might be the reason for many advantages.

    You must water your plants very frequently.
    I wouldn't recommend using the tray system so the plants dry out very quickly.
    In my experience !

    Try it for yourself

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