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Thread: Soil...

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    Sphagnum moss is just that and comes in long fiber and chopped and shredded. It is the live Sphagnum moss harvested and dried.

    Peat moss is basically decomposed organic matter from a bog.. It may or may not be from a Sphagnum moss bog. Unless it says on the package Sphagnum peat moss you can not be certain which it is.

    When people say LFS or Sphagnum without the word peat they mean the dried moss. When they say peat moss, Sphagnum peat moss, peat, sphagnum peat.... they mean the brown dried peat stuff. The word sphagnum in there is just to say to be sure it is peat moss from a sphagnum origin.
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    I just use the charcoal in my mixes involving peat to hopefully keep the soil less stangnant. When I used peat it used to get stinky after a while, but I also used to water the plants a lot less than I do now, I can't say for sure if the soil doesn't smell due to the more frequent watering or the charcoal. I've heard that charcoal will keep the peat from souring (as it stays rather wet all the time for nepenthes). Plus it does help aerate the soil.

    Chop up the long fibered sphagnum? Oops! I didn't know I was supposed to!
    I've only chopped up my LFS moss when I'm putting it into a very tiny container (2"). My plants seem to be OK so far without having done it.

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    Sword, that is what i ment by cuting up the l/f moss. i only do it if i'm putting it into a small pot or something but, when it comes to a large basket i pull it apart and mix it in.
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