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Thread: Did a bad thing...

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    Well, after several days it looks like truncata and Judith Finn took the brunt of the damage. Also a little leaf damage to bicalcarata. I hope I don't forget again.
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    I think all growers have some type of lapse of judgment from time to time. I had one right after I got my first Nepenthe. It was a bicalcarata and it was really a good size plant. It had two full grown pitchers. One was already dying, the second was doing great, it had great color two. I had some compact fluorescent lights hanging from cords. I wanted to take some pics or my new plant. So I moved the light and laid it beside the plant so I could get a good shot. After I was finished with the pics I forgot to put the light back. Part of the light was touching the nice looking pitcher. At the time the light was off so it didn't do any harm until the timer turned on the lights the next morning. I got home from work the next day and half of the pitcher was burned. Not long afterwards the whole pitcher was gone. The plant lived and today it's still a nice plant.
    Hopefully your plants will be like mine and suffer only a small setback. Keep us posted on how they do.

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