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Thread: Trimming

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    I'll take some photos of upper pitchers next week when I'm in the highlands.

    If you cut off the growing tip from a Nepenthes vine and root it, the rooted cutting will very probably produce another vine with no lower pitchers. However, the node beneath the cut portion should produce a shoot and if you're lucky, a few more nodes below that too. I'm propagating my N. bongso x maxima this way. Try waiting until the new growths are a few inches across and break them off (don't cut them -it's better to literally snap them off). They should root easily since this is a vigorous hybrid and you'll then have new plants that will produce the desired lower pitchers.

    The growing tip of the plant produces an auxin that tells all the nodes below it to stay dormant. Once the tip is gone, they are free to grow.

    Good luck!
    Rob Cantley
    Nep Nut in Sri Lanka

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    Thanks . That's what I meant when I said I would take cuttings, that hopefuly, the plant will produce offshoots. Last night, on my hairy alata, I saw two offshoots forming on a bit of exposed, underground stem. They just look like little green buds, and are very close to were the roots are.

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    I talked to Christian yesterday and I'm afraid, I do have to correct my initial statemanet concerning offshots He did second Rob's statement. Bending down climbing stems below the roots will promote offshots at the highest point of the stem. And the plant will produce a basal rosette there. He explaind it with the natural growth of the plants. When climbing stems do fall back on the ground in nature, a basal rosette is much better suited for catching prey than upper ones growing near or on the ground.

    My experience originates from plants producing offshots by their own without such a treatement. The plants which did produce offshots on climbing parts of the stem did only produce also climbing offshots. But of course there is no reason to produce a lower one at all.


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