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Thread: Nep watering/  interresting growing

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    hey how much water do you guys water your neps?i water mine 2 times a day , i think that might be too much cause a guy in the shop said it can be water just once a week ( he said you had to "shower" it) and his neps grows beatifully( to me)
    it also grow in those normal burnt soil( those really cheap ones) and it looks very densed.
    the plant looks quite mutanted but it looks like a good mutation to me.the neps nodes just grow without needing to do a cutting!so its like a jungle
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    Most of my Nepenthes get watered twice a week. My largest N. x ventratas get watered every other day. I also sprinkle water over the foilage a few times a week.

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    First I do not forsee good luk with that soil you're using. By your statement I am assuming you are using the $1.99 for 20 lbs bag of cheap garden soil? This will not allow Nepenthes roots to grow well. You are already experiencing mutation... fungal infection, viral disease and death are likely to follow.

    Nepenthes roots need a light airy soil with almost no nutrients. The lack of nutrients in the soil causes the plant to develop the pitcher traps as well the roots are not strong enough to withstand nutrient heavy soils.

    I water the plants through at least once a week or more often in summer when I can lift their pot and feel that they need to be watered. Warm weather necessitates extra watering but in winter once per week is enough for me. I do mist all the Neps with a pump action garden sprayer every couple days.

    Hope this helps

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