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Thread: Identify a plant by description only?

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    I think Zach nails it on the head. If you grow these unknowns for display, they still look pretty cool. Gubler's, by the way, is getting their plants from the same tc company in Florida, so they're all pulling the same plants from the same source. Oz

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    Hey, Parasuco, thanks for the tip. I'll try to remember that if they're dead it's because they didn't like their living conditions and all this time I thought that was a good thing. Right now the plant is in a fish tank with all my other guys and it has a lizard humidifier in there but I don't know how high it is. The inside of their domes are nice and misty though. The temp is pretty high though because it's been five million degrees here so I'll watch out for that death thing you were talking about. Thanks everyone. Shauntell

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