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Thread: Wondering

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    As u can see I own a N. Ampullaria "Green." I'm planning to make a lowland terrarium like what I did to my highland terrarium. I was wondering will it outgrow out of it? Thanks. It is currently in 10 gallon terrarium.

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    eplants if you are talking about growing your plant out side of the tank and in a open room. yes, it will. just make the move slowly so it will adjust to the climate of the room out side of the tank. i grow mine on the back porch in the open air, but i have lowland tropical conditions here. just treat it the same as you did inside of your tank for a while.

    anybody else care to add to this and help him out
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    I think he means, will it outgrow the tank, at least I think. If that is the question, then no. It should stay small enough for a terrairium for quite some time.

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