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Thread: Bigger, badder bical

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    Put your bical in a larger pot....preferable 3 or more gallon pot. Some of mine in 3 gallon pots are in pots far too small, as a couple of my bicals are about 4 feet across. They will take much more moisture as they get bigger, so if you have a five gallon pot, it won't hurt at all. The leaves are greater than six inches wide and nearly two feet long. I hope you have the room....good luck.


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    As Kim pointed out Bicals are water guzzlers. That's why I grow mine on the tray system. Mike Catalani suggested it be grown on it and let me tell you, it works great. I would suggest if you plan on going that big of a pot which you will!, go with a more peaty mixture like a ratio of 2 parts peat to 1 part sphagnum moss. Mix it all up for moisture rentention and maby add 1 part perlite for drainage too. Good luck and hope you get a big pitcher!

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    Josh, if you have it in a 10" hanging pot that is alot bigger pot than a 5 gal. pot. dig threw the mix a little and see if it is actual starting to get root bound. it just might be rooting that way more to the serface nothing to worry about my judith roots have some growing on the serface but it is no where near root bound yet, if it is just go up one size to a 12" hanging basket or a 12 gal. pot which actuall has a little bit more room to root in due to shape of it.
    other wise your Bacal. grow back in pretty good shape
    George McKay

    In The End We are All Dead

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