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Thread: Not so good

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    I received a Nepenthes ventricosa in the mail and it was in healthy condition when i recived it. I have never grown one before but i have tried to follow the basic care instructions that came with the plant. I do plan on getting a terrarium soon for it but right now its in a pot under a grow light. The plant's only 2 pitches have tunred black and wilted these last few days, it doesnt seem to be growing or doing good. I was just wondering if an experienced grower could help me, give me some tips and tell me anything i should know. Thanx.

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    Sounds like shock, Nepenthes don't like changes in enviroment and they generally loose pitchers and slow down growth for a while. N. ventricosa is pretty tough so I wouldn't worry too much about it.


    -EDIT-Oh, you should also spray the plant with water as often as possible to keep the humidity on the leaves up.

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