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Thread: Pollen available

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    Hi gang- After a short period of panic when my female nepenthes were in bloom and no males to provide pollen (I had a male splendiana help out at the last moment, plus a nice offer from Kim of some ventricosa and leesii pollen...thanks Kim&#33...I now have some males sending up flower stalks. If anyone could use some pollen from splendiana or 'Ile de France,' send me a message. Oz

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    Yeesh! My khasiana was flowering about a week ago, but I cut it off, due to the lack of mature males I had. And plus, I'm really interested in 'Ile de France'. I wish I had left the flower . I guess that puts meaning into the phrase "good things come to those who wait" . In my case it's "bad things come to those who don't wait", he he.

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