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Thread: "Bottom Heat" needed for rooting cuttings?

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    I've been curious as to the speed with which my cuttings are establishing themselves. In my 29G lowland tank (which sits on a shelf above my PC monitor (which warms the bottom and terrarium to a good 85*-90*) and the cuttings all root and start out very quickly.

    My maxima, ventricosa and extra Coccinea cuttings are in another tank W/O this bottom heat and they are tanking a long time to establish. would I improve the situation dramaically by adding bottom heat to this propagation tank as well? I haven't done so because the Vent and Maxima are supposed to be intermediates/highlanders and need that cooler temps, but are cuttings all the same in their needs with bottom heat?

    Adrian Slacks book says bottom heat is always necessary as well as that I should reduce my light by about 40%-60% on the cuttings (I would just place a dishtowel between lamps and glass lid) but this is an old book (reprinted this March) and popular knowledge may be different now. What do you folks think?

    If so I will just get a seedling mat from the garden shop and set to about 85*-should the heat mat be off at night?


    BTW anyone who might want to do some nep cutting trading can hit me up about any of these for a trade of anything except more of these!

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    what Neps cutings do you have for trade I might wants to trade for some


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