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Thread: my nep ventricosa just came!

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    Some advice: 1) try not to overdo it with the humidity and the water 2) make sure you have good air circulation in the tank. You don't want to have a problem with fungus in the tank, so I would recommend that you lower the humidity a bit. C Clarke states in Neps of sumatra that 50-70% RH would be ideal for growing neps. What style of terrarium is it that you're making, a greenhouse style or a planted landscape?

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    its an all glass 125 gal tank, the left end has glass covering it all, the middle has 2 pieces of glass, towards the front, and the right side has no glass, the opening left in front on the right side is covered with saran wrap, the right side of the tank has also been drilled for a pvc bulkhead, all the rest of the opening on top is covered by the light fixture, there is a gap big enough for air exchange, the digital humidifier turn on and of about every 15-20 or so, and theres no condensation on the glass ever, for being such high humidity, also, i read that some of nep. species actually do better in 75+ humidity, thats why its so high im trying to make a planted landscape with some higher areas, being a lil dryer for some plants, and the lower area, ideal for plants like VFT or sundews
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