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Thread: N. ventricosa

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    I feed it a few flakes of fish food every week or two. I think that works well, but as you've pointed out, it's really hard to say because i've only been growing neps for a year now, and only feeding them fish food for about four months. The alata seems to like the fish food - at least, it has grown like crazy, but that's not really unusual for an alota. It seems to me that something that provides complete nutrition to fish accustomed to eating bugs should be a nice well-rounded diet for a plant.

    One of these days i'm going to have to go find some bugs for the VFTs, and the neps while i'm at it. Seems somehow perverse to have to hunt down bugs to feed these things, though.

    I thought i saw it putting out an upper pitcher (it looked like it was trying to loop) just before i repotted, which is why it has that little mini-trellis in the pot, now. I was mistaken, though. Does it take a long time before ventricosa starts to climb?

    It seems the available information on epecific nepenthes i vary limited when it comes to things like size and time to maturity. The descriptions of the lighting requirements are more than a little confusing, too. Is there a book that actually describes these things in that kind of detail (preferrably with accuracy)?
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    I think the yellow in the leaves are do to age. As my N. ventricosa would turn yellow then black. BTW that is a nice n. ventricosa, that is how mine looked then took off. Purty big now and out of the 10-gallon tank. Just not pitchering anymore due to the dry air in my house.

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