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Thread: New nepenthes

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    Today, I got my order from Kim. I got N. maxima dark, spathulata, x Ile De France, maxima dark x veitchii, x mastersiana, rafflesiana elegance, and he gave me a N. ventricosa x (spathulata x veitchii) and a N. ventricosa x bongso for free ! Almost all of the plants were large, and very healthy (the best quality since I ordered from Hydes Stove House). The x Ile De France is the largest, with 8" pitchers! The only bad thing is that the N. spathulata is producing upper pitchers, but it should make offshoots eventualy. Now I just need to get some more pots and.... arghh, I really need to get a metal halide fixture .

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    arghh, I really need to get a metal halide fixture [/QUOTE]

    Or a skylight.....

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    His website is for those who want to know.

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