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Thread: Woot woot!

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    Hi all. I just recieved my order from a place in Malaysia, and a S. flava gift from Pyro . All of the plants look great, and the pitchers on the N. faizaliana and veitchii look great! A lot of the plants were bigger than I expected, especially the N. stenophylla and hirsuta witch had two growing points. The N. northiana looks nice ( I already have a poor one with two growing points ) and the N. truncata surprised me by having apendages on the leaves witch were practically small thorns . I'm still waiting on my order from Europe, witch will have hamata, macrophylla, and P. laueana just to name a few! Oh, and the N. tentaculata looks beautiful, just like hamata. I think I got a total of 23 nepenthes today, + 1 sarracenia , including a N. bicalcarata !

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    Cool. Seeing as I couldn't use the greenhouse due to the xtreme cold here, i set up the plants in my extra large garage, which seems to be working great. I put up a 13'x13'x10' plastic barrier box chamber thing, and put up my 1000 watt metal halide lamp. There are also two humidifiers running (that metal halide just sucks up humidity, as well as the fact that I didn't seal the chamber due to the heat build up). I spent 300 mins draging in a big heavy *** table, and put it beside the built in counter (in the garage ) to make a U shaped growing table space. Then, on the right side, I layed down moistened lfs all over the table, under and in between the pots. This should catch any runoff from the plants (saving water), and boost humidity a good deal. You should probably try that in your greenhouse Nep. G . The sphagnum surface should also be good for the pitchers to rest on. Yep, I'm pretty darn satisfied now. Cant wait for that final batch of plants...

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    Wow Nathaniel..that sounds great...I hope you post some pics soon! Especially that Bicalacarata!
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    I plan to do something like that. I just order $250 worth of monitoring equipment and a misting timer and a bottle of superthrive for the greenhouse, coming up to camp I am loading up on sphagnum I am so low in it! I'll prolly bring back about 15 gallons of it.

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