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Thread: How large get the pichters of those Neps?

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    My newest Nepenthes plants are Truncata x Ventricosa and ampullaria typ spotted x rafflesiana f. alba.

    Now these both are still pretty small and I need to know how large the plants can grow, especially the pitchers. I guess that the Truncata x Ventricosa can produce very large pitchers but I am unsure of the other one.

    Can someone answer this question?

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    The ampullaria x rafflesiana is natural hybrid called xHookeriana. It would depend a bit on which rafflesiana used. The alba form you mention isn't one of the giant varieties so that would put the pitchers on a large mature plant at maybe the size of a small orange. Size of the plant.. hmm couple feet across roughly.

    Here is a pic from Exotica Plants (Geoff Mansell)

    Is that a Nepenthes in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

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    Hey Tony,

    what is the biggest sized N ampullaria pitcher that you have seen? I'm wondering because the biggest pitchers on my spotted one are about 2 inches tall at most. Just wondering...

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    Joel Martínez
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