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Thread: Holy nepenthes

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    i have had my nepenthes ampallaria i cant get it to pitcher any ideas

    anson nesbitt
    if kids were affected by video games we would all be running around in a darkened maze listening to repetitive music looking for fruit yelling yak, yak, yak, gobble, gobble, gobble, moo, moo ,moo.

    Anson Nesbit 13
    N. Maryland- friend of monkeyman

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    Hi Anson,

    I don't think we'll be able to help you much unless you
    tell us more about your plant, and the conditions under
    which you are keeping it. Tell us about the temperature
    range in its environment, the number of hours of light it
    receives, (as well as the light source) the relative humidity
    in the area, the compost, and how often you are watering it.
    Also, is the plant otherwise healthy? At what point in the
    process of producing pitchers does pitcher formation cease, etc?

    If you can tell us about these things, or at least some of them,
    then someone here should be able to help you.

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