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Thread: N. maxima

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    Hi there,

    I hava a N. maxima that I have had in a highland tank for a while now. Day time temps are about 82 F. And night time temps are about 60 F. R/H stays about 80%.
    The plant is now growing to tall for the tank it is in. I have a lowland tank the stays at about 82 F. all the time. I was wondering if it would be alright to move the maxima into the lowland tank. I know that there is a variety of maxima that is considered a lowland but i have no idea what mine is. Is there anyway to tell which i have?

    any help would be wonderful,
    thank you

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    If your plant is growing and pitchering well in it's current location do not change anything. Remember the old saying "if it isn't broke, don't fix it". If it is growing very slow and never pitchering (give it several months to get settled if it's a new plant) then you might wanna move it to a lowland chamber.

    Are you sure your lowland tank is the same temp at night as it is during the day?
    Usually just having no lights on will cause a 5-10 degree drop in temp. That's OK because 72-74*F is the minimum temperatures of the lowland swamps in the wild studied by C. Clarke in his book Nepenthes of Borneo.
    Even though some Neps are "lowland" they do like a drop in temperature at night as an escape from the daytime high temps. Constant high heat can cause the plant to burn out. If you're using a heatpad to get the warm temps during the day set it on a timer to go off when the lights do.

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    I have a l/l form of maxima I got from Phill mann . I comes from Poso in Central Sulawesi , it is a lot smaller than all of the other forms I have , tiny really . All of the supposed h/l forms grow very well here in my natural l/l growing conditions .
    Michael Pascall

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