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Thread: Pics!

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    Yes. It is a clone, and is produced by the thousands just like Boba Fett-Storm Troopers are identical clones in S.W.; "Attack of the Clones"
    Actually, a clone is any one individual plant. A cultivar is any one individual plant that has a registered name. Example: if you take cuttings of your favorite Nepenthes plant, and all the cuttings grow into full plants, they are all the same clone,ie. they are genetically identical. With tissue culture techniques, identical individuals can be produced in large numbers, much more efficiently than taking cuttings-thus they are clones!
    There are other plants of N. coccinea out there not identical to your plant, therefore they are not the same clone. I am referring to the old original Victorian hybrid N. Coccinea, of which there are a number of individuals both male and female, and yes, they do look slightly different.

    Whew! I hope this is helpful.

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    Wow Trent your smart! Yeah I guess that'll do jejeje Well I'll be posting pics very soon, the lid finally oppened and its about to expose its magesty!
    Mom says: "Its stupid to collect plants that all look alike! Get a new hobie!"

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