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Thread: Clipeata Questions  :P

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    Hahahaha Dont stress it Nate it'll come to you
    ok so with that aside.... what are the temp requirements and humidity is this a plant that can survive outside a terrarium? Full sun or partial? do they tend to get root rot if they are wet? My ventricosa has been like a weed since Ive been using the tray method...
    I could check out the sites but alot are just general info and sometimes wrong. I would like to hear from people who have grown this and possibly experimented on a few growing techniques.
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    Well it seems I am the only one growing this plant here? Tony?

    I do only have one and so I can't tell the requirements this plants needs because I try to grow it under conditions I do believe it is best grown under.

    It stands is in my terrarium and even pitchered nicely when more difficult plants like N. glabrata and N. lowii had already stopped to due to low humidity. It seems to be able to stand harsher conditions than some others due to its natural very exposed habit. I do feed all my plants with insects when possible which I get from my overfull sarracenia standing outside.


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    I would agree they are pretty rugged plants. Mine have done fine with intermediate conditions (85 days and low 60s at night). The occasionally hot day or cold night doesn't seem to bother them. They have pretty thick waxy leaves so I am not surprised they can handle humidity fluctuations well. They do need a mix that drains well and is not too dense IMO.
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