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Thread: Just some curious questions?

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    I only have two pitchers (on the verge of many more) on my N. ventricosa but at the lip of them I see a due residue. I am assuming that is a sign of a healthy n. ventricosa. Just curious:0 if any of you(s) have nectar on the lips of your nepenthes? The other thing is I would love take it out of its terrarium but the air maybe to dry and the plant may not get enough light? Should I try it for a week and see what happens or do not wreck a good thing?

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    Yup, my happier plants usually have a few drops at the mouth.

    As for taking it out of the terrarium... I would recommend gradually acclimatizing it so it doesn't go into shock as you change conditions. If its in an open terrarium, take it out for gradually longer periods of time. If its in a closed terrarium, gradually open the lid.

    If you are worried about your plants drying out, I would consider the tray method. I know many, many experienced Nep growers shun this, but I have had good success with it. I think it works well, but, even if it doesn't. some water is always better than none.


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    Nectar around the peristome, under the lid etc is fairly common on a healthy plant. Particularly when humidity is higher as in a terrarium. Some plants naturally produce more nectar than others as well.

    Why do you want to take it out of the aquarium? If all is going well I would leave it. If you do decide to remove it. Slow is key. Open the lid a little more each day over a period of a few weeks long. Keep a look out for signs of dehydration.
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