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Thread: Trimming

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    Hello all,
    I have quite an interesting question that although intended just to help a couple of my plants could turn out to be quite interesting! Well, here it goes:
    About three weeks ago, I replaced the lights on my growchamber. But before that, the light the past couple of weeks was steadily decreasing. Tendrils even refused to drop! That is now taken care of, but during the time, my N. x 'Judith Finn' and N. maxima grew a couple of etiolated leaves. The plants did't actually elongate, but the leaves are long and wavy. They are now 2-3 leaves down the stem, each plant with some new good healthy leaves above those two. These mega-sized leaves are taking up a lot of space, and I was wondering if it would be ok sometime in the next couple of weeks to trim these leaves off, even before they brown. I would of course allow the plant to grow a little more. The tendrils on the leaves refuse to drop, so it isn't wasting a pitcher. As much nerve as it takes to cut perfectly good, green leaves, I would feel better knowing that this isn't hurting/maybe helping the plants. I am really asking if there is any effect of a plant's growth point from (active) leaves farther down. I doubt that there is a really, really bad one, because they naturally loose leaves at the bottom of the rosette, but there are still healthy leaves beneath these.

    Is this a waste of time or interesting scientific discussion? We shall see!
    I am back..

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    Well, they are still doing photosynthetic operations for the plant, giving it glucose and energy. It's really up to you I should say. If the plants are healthy and established then I say do what you want. I personally (if I was in the situation) would trim the leaves 1/2 way back like as you would do on a cutting, this way you're not dessimating the leaf surface and your getting more room like you wished to.

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