Hey guys, my cyber buddy is fixing us up with plants so we're good to go. We are ditching the raflesiana. Many thanks for all the reasons as to why it wouldn't make it here. We have a few final decisions to make which should be done by Wednesday night and then we'll pretty much have everything we need.

The bathroom windows face nnw. The deck on the right side of the tub gets sun for several hours in the afternoon due to the angle of inclination. There is also a vanity that gets some afternoon sun too. All we need to do is move plants into the afternoon sun's path. That space is currently void now so it will actually be nice and cheery with plants on the vanity top next to a sink. Regarding the rest of the space, the ceiling in there is vaulted and there is a huge non standard window that is about 7' x 6' topped off with a decorative semi circle window that is about 7' by 3'. The walls are painted a white semi gloss and that room is beyond bright.

The Neps will be indoor only plants for the most part as to set them outside for the summer might mean they'd get way too much sun. I don't know but maybe we can cross that bridge this coming summer when night time temps are in the 60's for about 2 months while day time temps hit the high 70's and 80's.

Again, many thanks for all the suggestions.