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Thread: N. gracilis

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    First off, I thought I would post some pics of my N. Gracilis. I had a really big pitcher on it but was kinda late in taking a pic of it so the hood is starting to sink but that is ok. The plant as a whole is doing well though. Is there a specific way that I can coax it to produce more basil shoots though? Anyways, here are the pics.

    The whole plant:

    The big pitcher:

    And another random pitcher:

    Now for the cutting. I took a cutting from my gracilis about a month to a month&1/2 ago. I was not expected it to succeed because the leaves were mostly dead except for like the top two and I only had four little skimpy leaves on it. Well I dipped it in the rooting hormone and put it in pure vermiculite covered the little plastic "box" with plastic wrap and put it in bright indirect light. I finally saw my first sign of new green! It was about 1/100 of inch in size! I could barely see it. This is my first cutting ever and it is also my first successful cutting, YAY!

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    Congrats on the cutting!
    With regards to getting more shoots, taking the cutting should take care of that. This generally encourages gracilis to start making shoots hand over fist.
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