Let me say this, after about 1 year of not using superthrive, I can say that my plants just aren't as strong as the ones that used to get superthrive. Here's the secret; plants that recieve superthrive are given extra nutrients that greatly help stimulate root growth which, in turn, create a stronger and healthier plant. Same principal applies to cuttings and plants in shock. I remember repotting my sanguinea, khasiana, and truncata a from a long time ago (2 collections ago), and found that they were completely root bound, with thick black roots circling their appropriately sized pots. The reason being that I gave theese plants like a drop per cup concentration of superthrive. Theese plants had really good growth, and sprang back from most disasters. For me superthrive was a great product, and I regret not using it for a while, as I believe many of my plants could've been saved with it.