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Quote[/b] (m0bius @ Dec. 30 2005,3:27)]All kidding aside, I think it would be waaaay nifty to grow some U alpina in a hanging mesh bag or the like. The presentation would look very nice in my opinion - all green with a leaf poking out in every direction. My only issue would be with watering it...
Water it just like an orchid in a hanging basket, drench and then wait till it needs it again. That is basically how I grow mine now anyways.

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Quote[/b] ]You would simply float the ball of Utrics in a tub of water.
Not with U. alpina or any of the other Orchidioides and Iperua you would not, these guys would rot out in a heart beat if you tried to float them in water perpetually.

I have a batch of alpina seedlings that I am going to try moving into the mesh bag set up. I also have an established 'Jitka' that I think I am going to transfer over and see how it does. Maybe in a few months I'll have an update.