Very nice Tanukimo! I split the U. gibba into two when I first received it just in case one batch happened to die, but so far they both seem to be growing pretty well. The one I split and put into a small tupperware container and it is totally doing it's own thing despite it being a spur of the moment kind of thing. I definitely underestimated the little guy. So far there are no algae problems and the water is still brown and cloudy, but the U. gibba mostly just floats on top so it's not an issue at the moment. I think I will start adding some other floating plants now to keep the nutrients under control. Small insects and such have been falling in and I've noticed that my pool/pond has become overrun with algae so.. 'tis the season I suppose. I haven't seen any algae in my tank yet, but I'd still like to get some other aquatics in there just in case and to just make it look nicer.