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Thread: Utricularia macrorhiza

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    Utricularia macrorhiza

    This is a common aquatic carnivorous plant around here. I tried to grow it, but I haven't had a long-term success, though. It is supposed to be similar to U. vulgaris, but the shape of the spur is quite different.

    Utricularia macrorhiza on Flickr

    We went to a neighbor pond, Ballaine Lake, for a quick fly fishing. Rain was predicted, so there weren't many people fishing in this often crowded pond. While my 6-year-old son was fishing, I found these yellow flowers. I snapped a couple photos while dodging his back cast. Fortunately, he hooked fish instead of human head.

    fish on on Flickr
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    Sorry I missed this one when it was posted! Nice flower photo. U. macrorhiza is truly spectacular in the wild - big with showy large flowers. And sometimes there are 100's.
    - Mark

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