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Thread: I love Utric weeds when you get new plants! U. bisquamata and possibly U. reniformis!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plant Heathen View Post
    It looks very close to my U. Calycifida and a few others. It's no weed or fern. Definitely a Utric.
    Most certainly not.

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    Yeah, sadly, that is not reniformis or any other kind of utric. Probably some kind of fern.

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    That's enough votes for me. Weeding the fern/invader out.

    I was thinking of its potential as a Utric until that last leaf...when I went to take a new picture of it that leaf was new and a give away.

    I HAVE a U. reniformis that other than a need for some orthene is doing really well. I can't wait to see it flower someday. So I am happy to have THAT reniformis at least. I can get some plugs of Utrics someday when people are sharing or selling.

    At least that bisquamata is looking good. The plugs repotted will be fun to watch and as someone pointed out wisely, keep on a different shelf than my main plants.

    Thanks all! Loving the help!
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    Keep it!

    Yes i was going to say fern, but i wouldn't pull it! Just keep it petite with regular trimming

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