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Thread: odd question..........................

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    VFT's dont like me...........ive killed more of these than anyother CP genus. my attempt to grow them outside this past summer ended in dreadful looking plants. however down in my basement under lights i have one that i dont remember where i got it but its been surviving fairly well. though i thought it had died till recently. i am familiar with D. filliformis and D. rotundiflolia forming hibernacula on their own and bring themselves out of dormancy. i have had them do this when they were growing year round in the same try as capensis. they would take a break for several months while tropical species beside them kept growing. has anyone experianced VFT's doing the same thing? cause im pretty sure thats what was doing great last winter and died back over the summer and now its looking great again(for being under lights) and sending up a flower stalk.
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    Flower stalk may not necessarily be too good. Sometimes..that might be the last hope of the VFt to pass on its genes before it dies. Its like a last effort. I would say cut off the stalk as soon as you notice it. I have 7 vft's under lights and they are all well. 2 are in fridge dormancy too.

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