Well, hello again. I had just gotten going on the forums a bit when I moved from Saratoga NY to Bloomington IN to do a masters program.

My plants survived the drive and disorganization fairly well, minus some mold/fungus in my seedling VFT pot. I decided to repot all of them, which I started this summer, and it appears to have been effective, they are looking good and have no mold around now. That was several days ago, they are still looking pretty good.

Anyone here live in Southern Indiana? I am only going to be here probably for about two years but I was curious about anyone who might know the area, and how fly traps and other species do wintering outside here?

I am weighing my options for my more mature/offshoot plants as to whether the fridge or outside is a good option this winter. From What I understand, even this climate comparatively balmy to Saratoga will still kill them. Thoughts?