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Thread: New cultivar! Dionaea 'Laserus'!!!

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    I have a 125mW green (ssupposedly but i think it is a bit weaker) and a Spyder III Arctic 1W Laser
    If you are interested in buying one, you can use this link to get a discount through me and help me get smome store credit as well

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    Got it on Amazon for like $30 shipped. And it's a 50mw, so it claims, but it's not actually that powerful. Still a good deal. ;p

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    As long as you can see a beam, then it was worth it. I think any green lasers 50mW or above are pretty sweet. I would really enjoy getting a 1000mW 445nm laser 'cause they're cheap and very powerful! There are also $10 10mW violet lasers on ebay that have great reviews... I would like one of those too, lol.

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