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Thread: Rare Mutation

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    Rare Mutation

    My VFT appears to be growing a trap from one of the flower stalks. Some info on the plant-It is a $5 Walmart vft. Iíve had it for about a year and itís sprouting flowers for the first time. The other flowers on the plant all appear to be normal. Has anybody ever seen this before. Is this just a rare mutation? Any info or knowledge would be greatly appreciated thanks so much.
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    Hi! I've never seen this on my plants, but it sometimes occured on my friends plants, specially on cluster trap clone. In italian is known as "apomissi floreale" (even if this not botanically the right term), and i don't know if floreal apomissis is the right word in english.

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    This is a fairly common thing to happen. Flowers are formed from modified leaves so occasionally you'll get a plant that fails to produce flowers and makes regular leaves instead on a flower stalk. If you feel like it, that can be separated and rooted.

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